Father's Day Gifts - 2020

You might be really on top of your life right now and have your Father's Day gifts already wrapped and attached to a beautiful handmade card. But if you're a little more like us, you might be looking for something thoughtful that can also get to you fast. 

Here are some great gifts that will still get to you in 2 days via Prime shipping. 

The Workout Dad

The home gym is trending now more than ever. Although it's still hard to find full weight sets you can give dad some fun add-ons:

Resistance Bands 


$11.37 - Help Dad stay strong while keeping your budget. These resistance bands will help improve his go to home workouts. Does he have weights? Awesome! Add more resistance. Does he like to use his body weight (think squats and lunges)? Then these work great!

Moulyan Body Weight Resistant Training Straps


 $79.59 - These training straps will make any home gym feel a little more like an OrangeTheory Fitness or Crossfit gym. Help Dad stay on top of his fitness without having to leave the house or risk getting sick. 

The Reading Dad

Is your dad a reader? Here are some of our favorite books right now

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

$18.38 - In this book author Ben Horowitz shares his experiences (good and bad) about starting a business in Silicon Valley. He'll share what he did right, what he did wrong and why starting a business and maintaining that business is HARD. Ben is not afraid to swear or use hip hop/rap references while dropping some truth bombs. 

Shoe Dog

$10.73-$20.49 - You can order the paperback but it's currently sold out. If you want to spring for the hardcover your dad can be reading the triumph story of how one of the world's most famous shoe companies came into existence while the steaks are still on the grill. 

The Sweet Tooth Dad

If your dad is anything like ours than he has a sweet tooth and loves a good cup of black coffee. Our snack boxes don't ship via prime but they do go out the same day you order them.

May we suggest our Cookie Monster Box, our Coffee Time Box or both? 


The Competitive Dad

$44.99 - Baseball might now be happening right now but that doesn't mean you can't challenge your dad to a pitching competition with the GoSports Inflataman

$89.99 - In our family the men get very competitive around Connect 4. Although this game is not technically Connect 4 the same rules apply, be the first to connect 4 dots of your color and get bragging rights all day long. The GoSports Giant Wooden 4 in a Row game is big enough to take outside and play during the BBQ.