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Permissible Indulgence Box


Our Permissible Indulgence box is filled with all those snacks that you don't allow yourself to have every day. These are the snacks that are rich in flavor, the ones you take to your girl's getaway weekend or take off the top shelf after the kids have gone to bed. These are the snacks you allow yourself to eat after a hard day at work, a trying day with the kids or just because you were good ALLLL week long and now it's time to reward yourself. 

In this box we also include some of those snacks that look like they wouldn't be guilty pleasures but because they are made with pure ingredients are actually way more permissible than you might first imagine. 

This box, unlike the others, is a mixture of single serve items AND multi-serving options, which means for a lot of items you can grab a taste and then seal the bag back up and save some indulgence for later in the week. 

Send a box to a friend who just finished something hard or sign up for a monthly subscription to reward yourself for all you do each month.