Protein Puck Mighty Moxie - Glute Free and Vegan Bar - add to your Oh Goodie! snack box
Nutrition Facts and Ingredients for Mighty Moxie Bar

Protein Puck - Mighty Moxie

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There is no better way to start your day than with a bite of Mighty Moxie, a soft, sweet cocoa cinnamon bar from Protein Puck. This high-protein vegan peanut butter bar is packed with the right ingredients to supply you with the energy you need to push through your day. Mighty Moxie suits the modern lifestyle, and you can incorporate it into your breakfast or take it at any time of the day to enhance your energy and motivation.

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There's a lot we can't control in our days, but getting caught without a snack isn't one of them. Here are some ways we use our snacks to keep us fueled as we chase our dreams.

In the Car

Some months we keep the entire box in the car (as long as there's no chocolate). As we're inevitably running late somewhere it's nice to have a snack close by.

At our Desk

With back to back Zoom calls and a seemingly unending list of deadlines, we like to keep a few snacks close by to ward off hangry until we can have a real meal.

In our Bags

You never know what adventure life will throw your way. Be ready for anything (last minute plans, a hungry child, errands taking longer than planned). Whatever happens, you won't go hungry.

Game Night

Make hosting game night fun and simple by taking our snacks and placing them in a cute serving bowl. Everyone gets something to enjoy and you don't have to worry about prep.

In the Air

Getting stuck hungry on a plane might be the worst feeling in the world. Throw some snacks in your carry on and avoid mid flight hunger pains (and crazy expensive airport pricing).

Sharing is Caring

Keep your box in the pantry so that everyone can enjoy the goodies that arrive each month. You'll feel good about sharing AND that their eating snacks made with quality ingredients. (If you do decided to share, we recommend the 30 count box).