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Vegan Box

At Oh Goodie! we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the fun that comes from getting new snacks in the mail. And let's face it, how not fun would it be to receive a box of goodies and then not be able to eat them?

We didn't want that for our Vegan friends which is why we've created a box specifically for them, a box with only Vegan items in it.   

This specially curated gift box comes with:

  • a minimum of 15 healthier for you vegan snacks including a variety of candies, cookies, crackers, chips and more
  • a customizable gift card so the special recipient knows exactly who to thank

This gift box is great for:

  • your friend or family member who only eats vegan (or is trying to only eat vegan)
  • a co-worker who covered your shift/work while you were out of town 
  • your babysitter, tutor, teacher
  • the neighbor who always makes sure your garage door is shut
  • anyone and everyone who you wan to say thank you, I miss you, I love you, I'm thinking of you, to

Image is to give you an idea of what types of products you can expect to receive in this box., Exact items vary depending on availability and current warehouse inventory. 

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