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About Us

At Oh Goodie! we believe snacking should be fun.

For the Consumer:

We hope these snack boxes are beneficial to your home, to your friends, to your family members, to your co-workers; that everywhere they go, they not only bring nourishment but that they also sprinkle joy and delight. That when someone receives a snack box they will know that they are loved and that they might actually say "Oh Goodie!"

For the Brands:

We love getting to know the people behind the brands in our snack boxes. We know what it feels like to start something from scratch, to invest a significant amount of time and resources into building a dream and we want to do everything we can to help these products become household names. We know that every time a small business makes a sale they actually do a happy dance.

For Us:

Oh Goodie! is owned by J&J Vending, a family business that serviced SF Bay area office break rooms since 1978. After the affects of Covid we needed to do something different. These snack boxes are a way for us to keep our family tradition alive and to make snacks fun for us again.

You can learn more about our family history here