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Changes to Oh Goodie! Snack Box Subscription - Beginning October 1st 2021

Changes to Oh Goodie! Snack Box Subscription - Beginning October 1st 2021

Did you hear the news? Beginning October 1st 2021 Oh Goodie! is changing our offerings to only include better for you snacks. 

Why? You can listen to the full announcement from our Founder, Jennifer Calderon, here. But here are the highlights:

1. At Oh Goodie! we really want to make sure that we feel good about the snack we are sending to your home which means we don't want to send you anything that we wouldn't feel good about eating ourselves. To fully align our business with our believes we want to make sure that every box is filled with items that are made from whole ingredients and that we can read and understand the nutrition labels of everything that we sample in your boxes. 

2. One of our big missions at Oh Goodie! box is to fuel you through all your life's adventures. If you are going to be filled up and not burnt out you are going to need nutritious snacks that aren't going to leave you to crash and burn between your next whole meal. 

3. At Oh Goodie! we're really passionate about helping small businesses grow. A lot of the emerging brands we want to support are naturally falling into this better for you category so it just makes sense. 

Here's a sneak peak at our October box:

If you are wondering what this means for you and your subscription keep reading for some answers to some commonly asked questions:

Q: What if I already have a snack box subscription and it isn't in alignment with your new program? 

A: Don't worry. We want to honor the commitment we already made to you. At this time no changes will be made to your subscription model. If you were previously receiving the Guilt Free box you will automatically be switched to the new subscription model. What used to be the Guilt Free box is now our monthly subscription box. 

Q: Do I get to choose the snacks inside my Oh Goodie! box? 

A: Yes and no. The answer really depends on what type of box you order. If you order the monthly subscription, then no, you don't get to individually select the items in this box. You will get a preview for about half of the items that will be in each box and the other half will be a surprise. If you want to choose each individual item than you can go to the Build Your Own portion of the website. 

Q: What comes inside each monthly subscription box? 

A: Each box comes with a minimum of 15 better for you snacks. As well as a write up on the brand explaining why we chose them and any discount codes for you to purchase the goodies you like directly from the brand's website. 

Q: What if I want to send a box as a gift? 

A: We still have the gift boxes available under the Gifts tab of the website. Here you can send a traditional gift box (which is a combination of snacks with a candle and notebook) as well as diet specific boxes (i.e. gluten-free and vegan)

Have more questions? Follow us on Instagram @ohgoodiebox or email us at



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