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A Peak Inside Our December Box

A Peak Inside Our December Box

The December Oh Goodie! box is filled with all kinds of yummy goodness to help you enjoy the flavors of the season and try some brands you might not have heard of before. 

Filled with cookies, brownies, popcorn, crackers, nuts and bars, you'll have everything you need to savor the moments of the season, keep you fueled between Christmas parties and shopping and maybe even put together a last minute dish for that party you committed to bring a salad to. 

Scroll through the December box to make sure you are optimizing all of your treats and that you get the discount codes provided by our featured products. 

Why Bars - Because Why Not? 

We absolutely LOVE this bar that gives you 3 hours of fuel and is made with 8 simple ingredients. If you love it as much as we do make sure you use code sunny33 at for 33% off your first purchase. Want to know why the Founders of Why Bars chose this number for their discount. Listen to Episode 3 of Nothing But Good Podcast airing Friday December 10th. 

Rule Breaker Mint Chocolate Brownies 

These brownies smell like Christmas but with only 5 grams of sugar per serving, these plant-based, deliciously soft baked brownies will help you indulge without going off the deep end. 

They're also gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts free and it might sound weird, but chickpeas are their first ingredient. 

If you love them as much as we do make sure you use code HEALTHY10 for 10% off your next order at


Sun & Swell

Sometimes we come across a brand and think "gosh, we just want to be friends." That's how we feel about Sun & Swell, a husband wife team, making clean snacks in a sustainable way. 

A certified B- Corp based in Ventura, California, Sun & Swell makes the Peppermint Mocha Plant-Based Energy Balls found in the Oh Goodie December box. 

The energy balls (a great cookie substitute) are made with only 5 organic ingredients (dates, cashews, oats, cacao and peppermint. 

Use code OHGOODIE25 for 25% off your order at

Protein Pucks

Can a snack be considered a bar if it's actually a circle? We aren't sure. But can a pre-packaged snack actually fuel human beings to be a little bit better in the passions they pursue each day? We believe Protein Puck is proof that this snack exists. 

They smashed together an amalgamation of the world's healthiest ingredients to create a delicious, frictionless fuel for people with a fuel plate. 


Beviva Foods - Purpo Sweet Potato Granola

True story when we first came across Beviva I thought, "wow, that's a pretty package and ehhh I'm not so sure a sweet potato was meant to be a cereal." Fast-forward a few months and Beviva's Purpo Sweet Potato Granola is the only cereal I eat. It's delicious, made with prebiotics, real coconut and fruits and not to be too childish but it turns the milk purple and I LOVE that. 

Purple milk aside it's dairy free, soy free, gluten free and has no artificial ingredients, plus when you learn more about Sylvia Tam, the Founder of Beviva you can't help but want to support her every move. Listen to her full story on Episode 2 of the Nothing But Good Podcast airing Friday December 10th. 

Use Purpo as a cereal on its own or as a topping on your yogurt. And make sure you use code ohgoodie for 15% off your order from

Alter Eco Bombs

These nut butter bombs are definitely on the good list this year, with low sugar and indulgent flavor. All Alter Eco products are made with products that are grown in thriving ecosystems by small-scale, fair trade farmers, they're always organic (never made with any weird stuff). They are even wrapped in backyard compostable wrappers!

Give yourself an indulgent treat to reward yourself for all the good you did this year. And if you want more than the four that came in your box reorder using code ALTERECOGOODIE15 at


Everything Else

  • There's not quite enough popcorn in the bag of Lesser Evil Himalayan Pink Salt popcorn to string around the tree, so instead open a bag and pair it with Smart Sweet Sweet Fish for a perfect savory/sweet Christmas watching treat. 
  • If Santa has allergies, you might need to share your Homefree chocolate chip cookies because these delightfully crispy cookies are free of nuts peanuts, airy, eggs, glute and rice. 
  • We love Crunchsters as a treat on their own but we also love to sprinkle them on top of our salads. Wow your party people this holiday season when you top their salad with crunchy mung beans instead of boxed croutons
  • MadeGood Vanilla Crispy Squares are a crispy treat you can feel better about because instead of marshamallows and butter as the main ingredients it boasts vegetable extracts from 6 different vegetables)
  • Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers are a great go to if you need a gluten free cracker for you dips this season, or if you just need a quick lunch (I love pairing with tuna salad and celery on those days where I need a fast meal and don't want a big clean up). 
  • Who needs chestnuts when you can have Karma Cocoa Dusted, wrapped, air roasted cashews instead?

If you already receiving your December box we'd love to know what you thought. You can post your goodies on Instagram and tag us @ohgoodiebox or you can leave a review on our website here

Didn't get your box yet? Don't worry place an order any time this December and we'll ship your box within two business days of your order. Order you December box here. 






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